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Refreshing modern collection that is fashionable and fun with a touch of British eccentricity. Buy them because like you they're adorable.

Kookie Couture Slice O' Cake Ring


Kookie Couture

Kookie Couture is hand-crafted using traditional jewellery making techniques. Faux pearls are hand-knotted and adorned with an eclectic mix of found charms, gemstone beads and Swarovski elements for extra sparkle.

This colourful kitsch collection is filled with everyday wearable and statement pieces, a refreshing modern collection with a touch of British eccentricity. “Its all about making jewellery that is fun, fashionable, easy to wear”. The collections include bold earrings, statement necklaces and simple everyday pearl bracelets with a touch of the “kooky” to add a smile to your day.

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