Simon Harrison Eagle Ray Bangle
Simon Harrison Hannah Rose Necklace
Simon Harrison Dionysus Bear Ring
Simon Harrison Maia Cream Bangle
Simon Harrison Coral Crystal Stud Earrings
Simon Harrison Iceflow Stud Earrings
Simon Harrison Dionysus Ram Chainmail Bracelet

Since the late 1970s Simon has designed and made jewellery for some of the most iconic names in fashion. With a body of work which captures pioneering moments in contemporary style, Simon’s designs have helped costume jewellery to become the vibrant category it is now.

It is Simon’s experience within the world of luxury accessories that has given him the freedom to shape the unique aesthetic of his own collection. In his Central London studio, he heads up a creative team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen who produce pieces of jewellery with exquisite attention to detail.

Simon Harrison’s deepest motivation and enjoyment of jewellery, he says, is intuitive and archetypal; not so very different from primitive man’s impulse to wear a beautiful shell around his neck. Jewellery, he believes, should be life-enhancing: an expression of personality.