N2 Les Néréides Hansel & Gretel Earrings
N2 Les Néréides Cinderella Slipper Pumpkin Pendant
N2 Les Néréides So Sweet Short Bread Biscuit Bracelet
N2 Les Néréides Cinderella Mouse & Slipper Pumpkin Pendant
N2 Les Néréides So Sweet Waffle Ice-cream Bracelet
N2 Les Néréides Snow White Bracelet
N2 Les Néréides Gingerbread Man Ring

Full of fairy tale charm the N2 jewellery collection is taking the fashion world by storm, Les Néréides little sister N2 is brimming with magic and a great sense of fun, come and join the party!

Les Néréides was created in 1980 by Pascale and Enzo Amaddeo where the concept of fine costume jewellery was born. Ever since then the house of Les Néréides has grown and developed a unique savoir-faire and an international reputation. 

N2 is a joyful, vibrant collection of luxury of costume jewellery with a penchant for the eccentric, making wearable stories and fairytales for the young at heart.

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