Extasia Zircon Blue Intaglio Locket
Extasia Tiny Cameo Pendant
Extasia Blue Intaglio Earrings
Extasia Tiny Olivine Intaglio Pendant
Extasia Iron Red Cameo Bracelet
Extasia Ruby Red Intaglio Bracelet
Extasia Turquoise Intaglio Locket

Stefanie Freydont is the energetic creative force behind Extasia jewellery.

On a trip to Rhode Island in the 1990's Freydont discovered boxes of glass intaglio, these were the inspiration for her first intaglio collection.

Extasia cameos and intaglios are handmade in Europe by a small number of artisans using 100 year old techniques. The exquisite shell cameos are of the highest quality hand-carved in Italy.

The beautiful settings for the cameos and intaglios are original designs by Stefanie Freydont and her design team, mastered by their goldsmith and lost wax method in the Extasia signature bronze alloy.

Beautiful, carved images used for personal adornment have cast their romantic spell over people's imaginations for thousands of years. As both a sentimental keepsake and a work of art, mystic capacity to attract health and good fortune.

Extasia, designed by California based Stefanie Freydont, enjoys an international following of jewellery enthusiasts. These distinctive hand crafted collections uniquely reinterpret baroque stylistic elements.

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