Electrobloom Purple Snap Bangle
Electrobloom Lemon & Grass Niki Bracelet
Electrobloom Lime & Grass Lucy Bangle
Electrobloom Tomato & Purple Lucy Ring
Electrobloom Tomato & Aubergine Niki Pendant
Electrobloom Purple Anise Sparkle Ring
Electrobloom Purple Snap Ring & Orange Sparkle Daisy

Electrobloom creating wearable technology using exciting new 3D printing techniques. All charms work with all items in the collection, these colour combinations have been created especially for jewellery4 for you to choose from, add to your selection, mix them up to create your own unique combinations.

Mark Bloomfield MA (RCA); a creative visionary in the making with strong interests in design, science, technology, and art.

A home computer enthusiast since the early 1980′s through which he developed an obsession for 3D creative software environments, CAD CAM and Additive Manufacture.

The founder of Electrobloom Mark trained as a jeweller and continues to be a maker of small things, with an active interest in wearable technology, gamification and biomimicry.

Experienced in the luxury, technology, entertainment and craft industries Mark has created wearable accessories for film, fashion and luxury brands including, Titanic, Judge Dredd, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Matthew Williamson, Asprey, NCR and Virgin Galactic. Mark also has Patents as a result of research conducted at the Knowledge Lab. He is an international speaker on all things design and technology related and continues to teach at undergraduate and post graduate level, and as a Trustee is actively involved with charity work in Africa.

Mark established electrobloom to focus on the design and development of on-demand customised accessories, gifts and interior products with a view to satisfying the individuals desire for bespoke goods. 3D printing and other computer controlled processes are used to manufacture on-demand and by making these complex emerging technologies accessible and fun, your creative participation is encouraged and everything is ultimately made for you.

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