Dyrberg/Kern Louise Denim Blue Crystal Earrings
Dyrberg/Kern Noble Crystal Earrings
Dyrberg/Kern Periant Blue Gem Stone Pendant
Dyrberg/Kern Poala Green Stone Earrings
Dyrberg/Kern Fulli Rose Gold Necklace
Dyrberg/Kern Corkin Blue Gem Stone Earrings
Dyrberg/Kern Rosa Crystal Hinged Bangle

What does it take to create a brand that resonates with beauty and sensuality in the hearts and minds of women all around the world? It usually takes someone with exceptional talent, vision, passion and perseverance.

The moment Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern met, their unique chemistry and creative energy was instantly apparent.

29 years later, as the Creative Directors, design masterminds and the driving forces behind, DYRBERG/KERN-their mission is clear: To be a preferred choice for modern and confident women to express their style and beauty.

Created by hand, each piece of DYRBERG/KERN jewellery goes through as many as 40 different processes before the magical moment finally happens – it meets your eye and love takes over...

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